Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Thoughts in Bullets

  • I am not a morning person. But when the district goes back to regular working hours this fall being at work at 8 will feel so late as compared to 7am now- so that is good.
  • 10 hour days are looooong. And in case you haven't noticed by my random posts lately, leave me brain dead. But- having Fridays off? Winning.
  • Food was good, good, good today. Until dinner. Which consisted of chicken nuggets. From Chick-fil-A. At least the waffle fries were resisted?
  • I was going to run outside after work. Because I managed to sleep through 4 alarms even though I went to bed at 10ish last night. It was raining, which I though oh well at least it won't be as hot...but then it started lightning like crazy. So no outside run. But that just means I'll get up early tomorrow to do it instead of sleeping in.
  • Sleeping in? Who am I kidding? As if the puppy would ever let me sleep in.
  • 4 months from now I'll be on vacation. In DISNEY. At Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. My first Disney trip as an adult. Hurry please!
And, that's all I've got!


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