Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let's just say

that day 1 of going back to Paleo was a delicious success.

Breakfast: Eggs and bacon (I’m eating bacon..I mean its in the meal-plan from The Paleo Solution.

Snack: Almonds

Lunch: Salad and cherries

Snack: Forgotten so not eaten

Dinner: Paleo Pepper Steak (oh-my-I-could-eat-this-every-day-good and so super easy and quick) I did use sirloin steak that I cut into strips for this

I thought about taking pictures of my pretty dinner- but not getting home until after 6 meant I was too hungry to eat once it was cooked to stop and take a pic!

Today I went back to work with my first of the 10 hour days that our district is working this summer to save money (4 10s instead of 5 8s). It’s 9:30, which means bedtime for me so I can get up at 5 to run before work :)


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