Saturday, July 2, 2011

One girl, 4 dogs

Since I've been lucky enough to have a short little break from work this week (and last), I offered to give my parents a break from getting up early enough to walk, feed, and take care of their two dogs for a couple mornings. So for about 48 hours, I had not just my 2 (crazy) adorable dogs, but I had their 2 as well. Since the weather has been great (ie miserably hot and humid) and I finally have a fenced in yard I thought it would be easy just to put the dogs outside and let them play until they were worn out. What I didn't count on was that none of the dogs would want to stay outside for long in the hot, hot, Southern summer weather. Even though they didn't want to stay outside, they all behaved and had a great time playing together.

All four tuckered out and resting!

Bailey spent most of the day hiding from not one, but two puppies!

Action shot!

Let us in! It is way hot!


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