Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Disney Dining: Yachtsman Steakhouse Review

Last November, my parents and I had our first dining experience at Yachtsman Steakhouse, located at Disney's Yacht Club. When Mom and I made plans to head back to Disney recently, the Yachtsman was one of the two dining reservations we made sure to secure (the other being Boma for breakfast). We had an early reservation made for 5:20. We checked in right around 5:00, and they were able to take us straight to our table. In the main dining room, I just love the detail in the high ceilings. Our view of Storm Along Bay wasn't bad either!
Yachtsman Steakhouse Ceiling

Right after our drink orders were taken, our server brought out the basket of bread. I try to make it a rule not to fill up on bread at meals (it is my weakness), but this is the exception! There are two kinds of freshly baked bread here: sourdough rolls and onion rolls. Served with the bread is roasted garlic and butter topped with Australian sea salt. I think I skipped the sourdough in favor of the onion roll last year, but this year I tried both and they were delicious! The sourdough was more firm and crusty, and the onion rolls soft and pull apart perfectly. I followed our server's advice to spread the garlic just as you would butter, and could have made that whole basket of rolls my meal! It was great!
Yachtsman Bread Basket
Yachtsman Bread Basket
Next up was the appetizer course, otherwise known to us as the whole reason we go to the Yachtsman. For the second year in a row, I ordered the Lobster Bisque. I order this soup pretty much anywhere that I see it on a menu, and Yachtsman has my absolute favorite. It is creamy, rich, and has nice sized chunks or lobster in it. This was so good that both Mom and I had a moment of consideration for licking the bowl. I always want to try a different appetizer here, but I know I'd regret not having this. Maybe next time I'll go just for apps and desserts?
Yachtsman Lobster Bisque
Lobster Bisque
Even though the bisque is always the star of the meal for me (which isn't to say anything bad about the steaks, that's just how much I love the bisque), we still had entrees to devour! This was the one meal of this trip that we ordered our own entrees, and I went with the 16 oz Boneless Ribeye. This is normally served with Brioche and Bone Marrow, but I substituted fries this time. I ordered the steak cooked medium, and it was perfectly cooked and seasoned. It was described as well-marbled, but it was a bit fattier than I expected. It was pretty delicious though!
Yachtsman Ribeye
Yachtsman Ribeye
We made one mistake at this meal- we skipped dessert! I absolutely loved my dessert here last year, but since we had a couple hours planned in Epcot, we decided to skip dessert in favor of picking up snacks around the World Showcase. Yachtsman was once again a favorite for us, and we'll be returning on our next trip!

If you've visited Yachtsman, what was your experience like?


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