Thursday, March 11, 2010

What I've Learned From Being Sick

I've been sick all week. Today I feel like I'm alive, which is a huge improvement. I'm getting tired of being at home, but people keep telling me to stay home and get completely well. I've learned some things about myself these past 3 days though:

1. A girl can only eat so many milkshakes. It has felt like thousands of tiny pins have taken up residence in my throat, and every time I swallow or talk or cough (and there's been a lot of coughing going on) those pins are like tap dancing or something. Cold stuff makes this feel better. Hence, the milkshakes. Thanks to my wonderful Mom and Dad, I've had milkshakes from CookOut, Arby's, Sonic, and who knows where else. I never would have thought I'd get tired of milkshakes...but hell has frozen over because it has happened. I'm sick of milkshakes. But I'm still drinking them, because those pins in my throat haven't left yet.

2. There is only so much Lifetime Movie Network you can handle. I know, this sounds CRAZY right? But trust me- I've done nothing but watch TV and movies since Sunday afternoon, and well- yep, I've reached my Lifetime limit. (And Netflix- where is the Wii streaming I've heard so much about?)

3. No more alone time! All those times I've been surrounded by people or scheduled out the wazoo and have wished like crazy for just some "me" time? Well forget that! I've had more than enough "me" time- mostly because no one, not even my parents has wanted to be around me while I'm contagious. So my as before mentioned wonderful parents have been great...bringing me my prescriptions when I was too sick to wait, bringing lunch and dinner and the milkshakes, coming to take the dogs out, etc...they have come in my house, put whatever they're bringing down on the counter, asked me to open the canister of Clorox wipes and walked out the door by grabbing the knob with a wipe in hand. I'm tired of my own company. I think my dogs are tired of my own company too.

4. Being sick and not being able to talk is not a good thing ever- but especially when you have a 15 week old puppy in the house with you. And the dogwalker is one of the people who doesn't want to get sick. I'm sure the puppy has loved me being at home for the past 3 days. Probably mostly because the most I could do for most of it was whisper the word "no." And I probably didn't even sound like I meant it then. And when I say whisper, I should probably say mouth, as not enough sound came out to warrant it being called a whisper. So he's gotten away with lots. Um yeah.

5. Being sick doesn't make me a better blog writer- but it does make me a more frequent writer. Quality over quantity you say? Well sorry, but the girl who has been cooped up in her house by herself with 2 dogs for the past 4 days isn't really caring about that. So there.


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