Wednesday, March 10, 2010

God's Sense of Humor

I was a lucky participant and presenter at the 2010 NCTIES (North Carolina Technology in Education Society) Conference last week. It was a great conference full of lots of sessions and lots of tweets from even more sessions. I came back home from Raleigh energized and excited about putting into practice a lot of the things that have fallen to the wayside lately. I was ready to share ideas and realizations with the people I work with and couldn't wait to get to work Monday to get started. Then, on Sunday, I woke up feeling not so great. I told myself it was just allergies, so I got up, walked the dogs, got myself ready and headed to church. Well by the time I walked out of church, it was all I could do to even hold my head up and I suddenly had a fever. So, Sunday I did nothing but sleep and woke up Monday feeling even worse. I went to the doctor Monday morning and was told I had a respiratory infection that was definitely contagious and I needed to spend at least a couple days at home. So- my excitement and my plans for the week? Scrapped (at least until tomorrow). Am I any less excited? No, not really. But what have I been forced to remember? We can plan all we want, but we also have to be prepared for the unexpected- because sometimes that is exactly what happens.


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