Friday, November 27, 2015

A Black Friday Hike

Today after a lunch of leftovers, I decided to take Echo and Boone for a hike. (They're brothers- Echo belongs to me, Boone belongs to my parents). The trail we hiked is part of the Carolina Thread Trail, and is a pretty easy 5.5ish mile hike along Lake Wylie. It also connects with trails at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, so you can add a little mileage or switch it up easily.

It was the first time I've used the double leash with these two...and geez it took about 3 miles for them to decide to calm down. But seriously, they did so great with the hike and with all the other dogs and people we came across! (My favorite is hearing "Look at the wolf!" which I've heard at least once every single time I've hiked with Echo.

The best part is, this trail is only about 3 miles from my parents house (and not much further from mine). I spent a lot of time just feeling thankful that I live in a county with so many public parks and trails- some city, some county, and even a couple state parks. I know it's early for resolutions- but one of mine is to take advantage of these more often!  

Now- off to Boone tomorrow!


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